Plans to close the one-way Goldwire Lane to vehicles have been criticised on social media.

The council's Active Travel team has identified Goldwire Lane as an area of concern for vulnerable highway users .

“It is recognised that this road is also used by vehicles as a “rat run” to access Drybridge Street.”

Averil Hoggins said that the road has always been a “risky place for pedestrians with virtually no footpath at the junction with Drybridge Street.

“Unfortunately, removing the Wonastow Road/Drybridge Street roundabout and reverting back to a junction will only increase the use of this lane as a rat run. Hence MCC having to consider closing it.

“Anyone who has lived in this area for some years will remember how poorly a junction on Wonastow Road worked previously and that was before the new Rockfield Estate was built!”

Janet Hughes said the plan to close it was unbelievable. “Despite assurances we would be kept informed of any changes regarding active travel, residents have to read about their road being closed on social media. Shocking. 

“I would appreciate someone from the council explaining the plans before it goes to committee so we can digest the details and take a view. Or did you think we wouldn’t find out? So much for consultation and transparency.”

Shân Ellen said that she doubted the residents from Clawdd-du and the main Goldwire Lane would be in favour of having to use Somerset road/Wonastow road/Drybridge street just to get to St Thomas's and Cinderhill ! “It is farcical”.

Nick Pszczola added that he hadn’t been asked.”

Richard Ward asked if the residents had been asked if they would like the road closed? 

“I suspect not, and if these are the same County Councillors who have destroyed Monnow Street then there is no hope for Monmouth. 

“How many recorded accidents on this road in the last 10 years - is there any evidence to support this proposal ?”

Paul Williams said that it seems clear that they don't care what residents of Monmouth want, “they will do it regardless”.

Richard Ward suspected it was not residents had pushed this but local councillors.”