ORGANISERS behind the Agincourt 600 celebrations in Monmouth are calling on residents to "make Monmouth medieval".

During one of the events, there are plans to create a "battle encampment" to give a sense of what life could have been like at Agincourt, and organisers are looking for the public's help to create colourful tents.

Throughout this year, events have been planned both in Monmouth and across Britain, to commemorate the 600th anniversary of the Battle of Agincourt.

King Henry V, who was born at Monmouth Castle in 1387, led his army against French forces five times the strength of his own and comprised of some of the best trained and equipped knights in France. Against all odds, Henry won the day.

A Flower Festival in St Mary's Priory Church, concerts and showings of Shakespeare's "Henry V" in The Savoy and Blake Theatres are all designed to be a part of Monmouth's contribution to Agincourt 600.

On the weekend of 22nd and 23rd August, Monmouth Castle will play host to demonstrations of the longbow – the weapon that played such a large part in Henry's French campaigns – by re-enactment companies.

This is an opportunity to learn how to draw a bow with accuracy and to learn a little of life for an army on the move in the early 15th century.

It is during this event at Monmouth Castle that organisers are running a competition for the best decorated gazebo "in the medieval style", and are hoping for enough entries to create the battle encampment on the Parade Ground outside the castle to the Castle.

Designs should be colourful and heraldic – but they do not have to be authentic; the only stipulation is that no pegs can be used, so tents and gazebos should be weighted down.

Prizes will be presented for the most imaginative designs and the judges will be even more impressed if entrants dress up in mediaeval costume.

Helpful hints and entry forms are available from Shire Hall. There is no age limit and no fee to participate so join in and make Monmouth's role in Agincourt 600 truly memorable.

A competition has already been held to design an official flag for Monmouth and this will be flown in the middle of the tents over that weekend.