I would like to say how inspired I was at the torch event on Friday. I am not a Monmouth resident but I was standing in Cinderhill Street by the new Monnow Bridge for two and a half hours in the full glare of the sun as were well over 1,000 young Monmouth school children.

I was looking forward to seeing the street entertainment prior to the torch coming through, but besides a small band of marching drummers nothing came past until the torch party itself.

The whole spectacle lasted about 15 seconds and left us with a 'was that it?' feeling.

The coaches and outriders were visible in the distance as they came over the bridge but obviously the arch of the Old Bridge prevented them coming past us.

The torch procession did not inspire me but the behaviour of the children from Monmouth Comprehensive and Overmonnow Primary schools did.

I went away with a feeling of admiration and respect for the children, (who are after all the future of the town) who maintained a good natured, humorous, patient and enthusiastic acceptance of the situation.

An absolute inspiration to us all. I must add that the teaching staff must also be given full credit for the work they did that morning.

Louise McGuinness