A SIMPLE old-fashioned swap has enabled a woman to obtain a special cup and saucer featuring an iconic logo that she so desired.

As a frequent visitor to Monmouth’s Coffi Lab, Debra Maloney had always been taken by the company’s logo and asked if she could purchase a cup and saucer, featuring the image, but she was told that the items of porcelain were not for sale.

Not to be beaten, Debra, who runs the Slimming World group out of the Bridges Centre, and creates mosaics as a hobby, decided to make a design of the Coffi Lab logo herself, using small tesserae pieces, as the next best thing to having a cup and saucer.

The dog-friendly coffee shop’s logo features a simple design of the head of a Labrador, and the dog-friendly company proudly boasts that it sponsors a Guide Dog for the Blind, called Tony and has currently raised almost £80,000 for the charity.

Debra explains that when the first of the nine Coffi Lab shops originally opened its doors in Monmouth in July 2021, as a new dog friendly coffee shop, she was very excited to take her then three-year-old Chocolate Labrador Rolo and now her 21-month-old Black Labrador along, so she could enjoy her favourite past time of drinking good coffee with friends while taking her loyal dogs along with her too.

Having just completed the circular mosaic was when fate stepped in with Gemma Groome, the area manager of Coffi Lab, going along to join the local Slimming World group, Debra saw the possibility of an opportunity arising.

After a brief conversation between the two of them, Gemma agreed to receive the Coffi Lab mosaic logo in exchange for Derba’s long desired cup and saucer with the distinctive logo on them.

Gemma said that she couldn’t wait to show James Shapland, the founder of Coffi Lab, the new circular mosaic with the distinctive logo in the middle of it, while Debra is very pleased to be the owner of a unique cup and saucer set.