Our veterinary surgeons are so vitally important in the lives of we great animal lovers and especially so when our beloved four-legged pals become so unwell or aged and their well-being and quality of life impinged upon.

I thankfully have been singularly fortunate in being a client of the Elms veterinary practice, Monmouth, headed by Kate Dixon and so ably assisted by her head nurse, Rachel.

One month ago my adored sealyham terrier (Mr Topper) became paraplegic – his life had been 'dogged' having under gone three major spinal operations (which occurred while I was living in Hampshire).

This recovery from these 'imposters' was nothing short of remarkable. He possessed the spirit and courage of a lion.

Thus I feel so blessed to have had 10 years of huge joy together.

Through your columns, may I say 'thank you', Kate for your professional skill and such loving care towards my adored 'Mr Topper' when I was faced with the inevitable decision over his quality of life.

My thanks also include Kate's husband, Terry, for his support and great loving care.

Nancy Johnson