I would like to offer a huge thank you from INDY Monmouth to our amazing town.

What an extraordinary day the 4th of May was. In my 25 years in town I don’t recall such a buzz of interest and enthusiasm surrounding the town council elections. Six weeks earlier a merry band of Monmouthians, from diverse backgrounds and with varied experiences, had gathered round an inviting kitchen table, many meeting for the first time. The thing that had drawn us together was a recognition of the need for a different kind of town council, one that would represent all the voices of Monmouth with a focus on inclusivity and accessibility in a non-partisan way. INDY Monmouth was formed that night.

We knew we had a viable, exciting concept that could really work. We just needed Monmouth to listen, and you certainly did. As the campaign gained momentum we were greeted by enthusiasm, input, appreciation and so many smiles.  It has been a pure pleasure for all of us canvassing over the last month, meeting such a variety of different people, explaining our vision, listening to people’s wants and needs and discussing with them the best way to get their voices heard.  We could never have dreamt Monmouth would be so receptive to our ideas and fresh approach. 

We thank you for your belief. We spoke, you listened, you voted. We fielded fifteen candidates covering a wide range of ages, backgrounds and experiences, reflecting the diversity of the population of our town. Monmouth, you were moved by our passion and now seven INDY Monmouth councillors sit on the town council. Turnout was up by 27 per cent and 51 per cent of the votes cast were for INDY Monmouth candidates.

INDY Monmouth would like to say an immense thank you to you, Monmouth, for believing in us and placing your eggs in the INDY basket. We look forward to listening to your ideas and concerns, putting them before the town council, and giving you all the voice you truly deserve. You’ve had the faith to put us here, and now it’s up to us to bring the town council forward, together, to represent one and all. Thank you. We are thrilled to have you on board.

Lucy Bennett-Downes

(INDY Monmouth)