SPEEDBOAT killer Jack Shepherd has been freed from prison half way through his jail term.

The 36-year-old year old married and moved to an isolated cottage between Monmouth and Abergavenny just nine weeks after the Wandsworth Bridge death of 24-year-old Tinder date Charlotte Brown, when they capsized late at night in the River Thames.

Charlotte Brown died after being thrown into a freezing River Thames
Charlotte Brown died after being thrown into a freezing River Thames (Metropolitan Police)

Later charged over the booze-filled December 2015 tragedy, the website designer then went on the run for 10 months and failed to appear at his trial.

He was convicted in his absence of manslaughter by gross negligence, before giving himself up in the eastern European country of Georgia, from where he was extradited.

Jailed for six years over Ms Brown's death, he was also convicted of a charge of assaulting a barman with a vodka bottle in Devon while on bail, and jailed for an additional four years.

Self-styled Casanova Shepherd had carried out his seduction routine on a string of women, it was revealed.

But the trial over Charlotte Brown's death heard that the 14ft-long speedboat was defective, he drove at high speed and there were no lifejackets on the craft, which he launched late at night in the middle of winter.

Having wined and dined his victim at the upmarket Shard restaurant, where Shepherd bought vodka and two bottles of wine, he then opened champagne on the boat.

But disaster happened when the boat flipped, reportedly throwing both into the freezing Thames.

Shepherd and Ms Brown were recovered from the water, but Charlotte died due to cold water immersion.

Witnesses said he appeared drunk, but tests on Ms Brown's body showed she had drunk a moderate amount of alcohol.

Within weeks, Shepherd had moved to a cottage at Llangattock Lingoed after marrying his childhood sweetheart the day after a second police interview under caution.

They had a child together within a year of the accident, but in September 2017 he was charged with manslaughter and bailed to appear for trial at the Old Bailey in April 2018.

Shepherd failed to appear, and it later transpired that he had split from his newly wed wife and child and gone on the run.

In January 2019 he reappeared in the Georgian capital of Tbilisi, having been persuaded by his new lover, a local TV journalist, to hand himself in to authorities.

It was discovered that while hiding out in eastern Europe, he had lived the high life, enjoying drunken nights out and ski trips.

Deported back to Britain in April 2019 to serve the six year-term handed down in his absence, he also admitted assaulting a barman with a vodka bottle while on bail for the other charge, which he blamed on the breakdown of his marriage.

Charlotte Brown's father Graham told the Mirror shortly before Shepherd's release: "He's an evil man. He's got no idea of the devastation he's caused. I have this vision of him just shrugging it off, saying, ‘It wasn’t my fault'."

And he added: "One thing we can be sure of is that Jack Shepherd is a misogynist, he only cares about himself, he’s got no respect for women.

"After he had killed my daughter, he got married and had a child. Then he went to Georgia and got another girlfriend. The man is evil and is a complete danger."