Candidates have been announced for the Monmouth Town Council by-election later this month.

The Overmonnow ward by-election will take place on 27th February.

Laura McCartney will be representing the Indy Monmouth group and Rodney Smith will be representing Welsh Conservative Party.

The Overmonnow town ward was made vacant after town councillor John Fletcher sadly died in December.

This by-election is a two-horse race between the Indy Monmouth Group and the Conservative Party, both of which have five members on the town council. The winner of this election will break the current stalemate between the two largest groups on the council.

Unlike the previous election in the ward - which was held in April 2018 - there is no Labour Party candidate. The last Overmonnow election was won by Conservative Party candidate Sue White with 48 per cent in a race of three candidates.

Current councillors for the ward are Terry Christopher, independent; Jamie Treharne, Conservative and Sue White, Conservative.