Secretary of State for Wales and MonmouthMP, David Davies, has yet again slammed the forthcoming implementation of a 20mph speed limit across Wales, a decision backed by the Welsh Government.

He said that the plan, which has raised substantial debate, is set to potentially harm the Welsh economy by as much as £4.5 billion.

In a written query, Solihull Conservative MP Julian Knight questioned Mr Davies about discussions with the Welsh Government on the enforcement of 20mph speed limits. In his response, Davies expressed his disappointment, stating that the Welsh Government appears to be disregarding its own impact assessments.

My officials and I have discussions with the Welsh Government on a wide range of transport matters. The power for setting local speed limits was devolved to the Welsh Government as part of the Wales Act 2017. In terms of the 20mph speed limits, it is disappointing that the Welsh Government seems to be ignoring its own impact assessments, which suggest that the damage to the Welsh economy could be as much as £4.5 billion.

Local Authorities in England have the power to set 20mph speed zones where appropriate and the UK Government has no plans to introduce default or national 20 mph speed limits in urban environments.

David Davies MP, Secretary of State for Wales and Monmouth MP

The setting of local speed limits was devolved to the Welsh Government under the Wales Act of 2017. Despite this, Davies emphasised that Local Authorities in England retain the power to establish 20mph zones where necessary, and the UK Government has no plans to enforce nationwide 20 mph limits in urban areas.

The Welsh Government, however, plans to introduce a new nationwide 20mph speed limit on "restricted" roads. These are primarily residential roads that currently enforce a 30mph speed limit and are typically marked by street lighting. The Welsh Government's aim with the reduced speed limits is to enhance safety, promoting Welsh streets as more hospitable spaces for all, particularly children, pedestrians, and cyclists.