As is well known by all and sundry the lift at the Leisure Centre has a history of unreliability since the original installation. This has culminated in those in need of that facility have been deprived for bordering five months.

During this period one attempt was made to make the necessary repairs but within two days there was a further failure. Judging by the Rip Van Winkle attitude to this matter by those ultimately responsible for the appointment of contractors and checking on the ability of relevant parties such as sub-contractors, installers of the lift one can but feel that this has not been felt an issue to warrant serious attention ! Many feel the lift is simply not fit for purpose.

How true it is I don’t know but there appears to be talk of replacing the current lift with a new installation. A costly exercise I am sure but with the County Council having I believe spent in excess of £7 million on the development of the Centre, the number of members cancelling their memberships and falling attendance in some facilities and revenue this should be taken in to account if the Centre is to regain its value to those in need of the facilities going forward. The good news is that as of Friday the lift is working and at the time of writing this letter continues to do so, one is tempted to ask is this taking us into a false sense of security pre further breakdowns!

I do wish to make it clear this has been a difficult time for the Team at the Centre and I respect them all for what they have had to cope with in the constant receipt of the frustrations of members in need of the lift.

Most have appreciated the blame rests elsewhere but I understand some have been less understanding

John French