SUNDAY evening’s storm has caused several issues in Ross-on-Wye today with a large section of the town being closed off to all traffic.

Broad Street now has several craters in the road surface while and the blocks forming part of the pavements have been ripped up after water rushed down the road during the height of the storm, leaving it looking like a beach.

Bricks and other lose material were seen to be floating down Broad Street during the torrent.

A spokesman for Balfour Beatty said that they were aiming to have the road reopened sometime today and suggested that works to repair the pavements would take a week or two to complete.

Cllr Daniel Lister said: “Our local traders will need our support more then ever, Belfour Beatty are on site currently making plans on the clear up and repairs.”

Herefordshire Council officials are expected on site today to identify the cause of the problem and schedule a plan of work.

The stormwater also damaged businesses in Brookend Street which continues northwards from Broad Street.

Local ward councillor Ed O’Driscoll said that as of late morning on Monday May 13, “contractors are doing an inspection at the moment, to ascertain the cause of the issues” as well as clearing away damage and resurfacing damaged spots.

“It looks like the sand and hardcore underneath the block paving has been washed away, leaving it unsafe, and forming a beach at the bottom of Broad Street,” he said.

He added he was concerns to know what has let the water in under the street, which had be left “looking like a patchwork quilt” after recent roadworks.

“I am seeking answers to keep people informed, and assurances that the road will be safe once 18-tonne wagons start coming down there again, as well as over the paving,” he said.

John, owner of Cheeky Tito’s takeaway restaurant which only opened on Broad Street in January, said: “We can’t even get inside the shop and have had no information yet on when we can.

“They are doing an inspection and we hope to hear later today what will happen next.”