A music student was fatally injured as he cycled to the swimming baths within hours of his parents driving him to his new house.

27-year-old Harry Webb, who was originally from Crickhowell, died following a collision in Homerton, Hackney on Sunday, September 10.

At around 7:40pm Mr Webb was fatally injured in a collision with a car, which then hit another vehicle. He was taken to hospital but died two days later.

He played a recital last year at Crickhowell's Clarence Hall, but had been living in Hackney where he was studying for a masters at London College of Contemporary Music.

His family have been informed and are being supported by specially trained officers.

Mr Webb was the only child of Pat and Mike Webb, who live in Wales.

They had dropped him off at a new house-share in Hackney only hours before the tragedy.

The car driver - a 24-year-old woman - was arrested.

She has been bailed to a date in early December, pending further inquiries.

A spokesperson for the Hackney Cycling Campaign said: “Harry was only 27 years old, and he had a great future in front of him.

"He had a maths and philosophy degree from Bristol University, a masters in philosophy from Amsterdam university and he had embarked on a further masters last year at London College of Contemporary Music.

"The day after the crash was to be Harry’s first day of the second year of his course.

“Harry was a kind, warm, generous and loving person, and had friends all over the world, from all nationalities and faiths.

"Harry was bright, engaging and loved the challenge of learning new things and travelling to new places. He has had a lifelong love of music, he was a drummer, pianist and composed music.”

Harry Webb
Mr Webb had embarked on a masters at London College of Contemporary Music (Metropolitan Police / SWNS)

They continued: “Harry had just moved into his new house-share near Kenworthy Road with some musician friends who were working on projects together. It was a hot September day and after a hard day sorting out his new living space, he decided to go for an evening swim at the lido.

“Harry’s parents had dropped him off in London that Sunday and within a couple of hours of returning to Wales they received the emergency call. Harry’s injuries were terrible, the hospital did an emergency operation in hope of giving him a chance, but his injuries were too severe, and he passed away two days later.

“Harry’s parents have said the grief and devastation this has brought to their family is unbearable. The loss of a beautiful young man who had so much to offer this world is keenly felt in the close-knit community in Crickhowell in South Wales.

“They have said that Harry believed that the roads in London could be made much safer. Harry’s parents hope that their support can help prevent further tragedies.”