Did you used to watch this programme way back in the 1970’s? I used to religiously, I actually had thoughts of grandeur when I imagined myself taking to the stage as a singer to take part in said show. Alas I never made it, my singing voice is not quite up there with the best of them so I had to give it up and made the decision to channel my energy into the creative outlet of writing.

Looking back though I see the title of the programme as a great one for those who took part in it, as right there an opportunity had opened up its doors directly for them. An opportunity which allowed them to be introduced to the audience followed by a short slot in which to demonstrate their expertise / talent.

Many years ago, when I started my business I read this great quote by Richard Branson, ‘If an opportunity presents itself, say yes and work out what to do with it afterwards’ and I have to say I have taken him at his word, grabbing any opportunity with both hands before then working out a course of action.

Last week I was indeed presented with an amazing opportunity to take part in BBC Wales Live, a programme shown on BBC1 following the news (last Wednesday 7th February). Thankfully it wasn’t a singing nor talent show but a information programme designed to share experiences and expertise. I received the invite on the Monday, said yes then wondered on the Tuesday what I done. Here was indeed my opportunity knocks moment, my moment to be on TV to share my burnout journey along with some guidance on what to do if others find themselves in a similar situation.

It turned out to be a great experience with no time for nerves to set in. The whole programme team were amazing and so kind I immediately felt at ease. It has made me think even more so about Richard Bransons words as I have in the past thought that if I was asked to be on TV I would probably, through nerves say no however spontaneously saying yes that Monday turned out to be exactly the right answer.

Last year if you remember I spontaneously said yes to doing an abseil down the church tower in Raglan, again another great experience.

So, from my experiences I would urge you to watch out for the next time ‘opportunity knocks’ for you to say yes, don’t take time to think about it do that after you have said yes, you can always change your mind but you never know fun often lies outside our comfort zone.

If you want to catch up tv moment you can do so on BBC IPlayer, Wales Live (7th Feb). Now, I wonder what my next spontaneous yes will bring, I will keep you updated.