As we are now in World Well-Being Week I would like to pose a question to you, ‘are you truly being you?’ I am asking this question as I believe that to really ensure we are embracing our own well-being we need to embrace who we really are as a person.

In the world of technology and therefore social media I see so many professing to be one thing when in reality they are somebody (or something else), with AI now becoming ‘a thing’ I see it more and more.

Not only is AI being embraced to change images it is now being used to compose written articles, students also even use it to help with their assignments apparently! While it has it’s uses, I think it is stripping out the reality, I can assure you that I can tell when someone I know as written something themselves compared to them using AI, it just sits differently. For those who aren’t sure what AI is, it is basically computer-generated content. I can assure you as a lover of writing it isn’t for me as my ramblings are well and truly my own.

My accountant once said to me, ‘it makes no difference if I see you at a meeting, here in my office for a meeting, in a social environment, speaking at an event or if I read something you have written, you never change you are true to you’, that has stuck with me as one of the biggest compliments I have ever received.

We were all born to be individual, so it is heartbreaking to watch others across social media looking to imitate or indeed become someone else, surely it is about carving our own path and being the person we were born to be. If we all look to be like someone else then that is when we will surely become robotic and lose our personalities.

When it comes to well-being surely by just discovering how to relax, how to keep things simple, how to just be ourselves then calm and contentment will follow, I can certainly vouch for this. In my days of stress, when I was reaching for the next promotion (because that’s what I and everyone else believed I should be doing) I now realise I wasn’t truly being me but someone who I thought I should be, I was constantly chasing what I believed to be a dream which in the end turned out to be a nightmare!

Living the less complicated life I now do, I have discovered that my everyday life feeds my well-being; by swapping the heels for trainers, the award ceremonies for country shows, the nights out for the nights in I have found myself to be happier and certainly more content.

I am not saying that if the bright lights of the city (I loved them at the time) are calling you then go but only if it is your dream. I guess many years ago when I was chasing a different dream, I was being true to the person I was then but now I look back at that time I realise that while I believed I had ‘it all’ the one thing I didn’t even know was missing was good well-being and a calm state of mind.

So, this well-being week, just ask yourself ‘am I being who I was born to be’ if you are then contentment is indeed truly yours, I am sure.