SIR, I should like, on behalf of the Royal National Lifeboat Instution, to thank our Mayor, Councillor Jeana Hall, for her very generous donation to the RNLI from funds resulting from her Mayoral year.  The Monmouth Branch of the RNLI likes to support the Barry Lifeboat which is our nearest station and anything we can do to help is always warmly received. We are most grateful for the generous support we receive from the people of Monmouth on our flag days in the town, but would love to recruit some more helpers to enable us to organise some more fund raising events. This is a much smaller commitment than people think, perhaps helping out with an event once a year, and with a couple more people on board we could do great things for this very worthwhile charity. For more information please e-mail [email protected]">[email protected]. Clare Tuggey (Chairman Monmouth Branch RNLI)