Schools across Wales can now get their hands on a £1000 cash windfall through the Kellogg’s Breakfast Club grants scheme.

The grants can be used by schools to invest in any aspect of their breakfast clubs, from equipment to food and learning materials.

The cost of living crisis has had an impact on the way schools and children interact, with many pupils now relying on schools for help outside of their educational needs. If these needs are not met, it can have negative repercussions for both children and parents alike. These issues can be seen coming to a head throughout Wales, as 28 percent of children arrive at school hungry every day, with 61 per cent of teachers believing this to be due to a lack of food at home.

Through Kellogg’s grants, schools can address these issues by providing children with a breakfast and a warm place to start each day. This allows schools to ensure that children don’t go to class hungry and that teachers don’t miss out on essential lesson time.

Whilst the funding is vital in helping children to be able to start their day off as well as possible, Kellogg’s continued support also provides relief to both parents and schools. This comes as 50 per cent of schools in Wales are currently worried about their Breakfast Club’s closing down due to ‘school funding challenges’.

Kellogg’s ongoing commitment comes on the back of 26 years of supporting Breakfast Clubs. In that time the company has donated over £5.75 million to schools across the UK in its efforts to alleviate hunger and provide children with the start they need to have a good and productive day.

Mr Webb from Trellech Primary School said: “We received a grant from Kellogg’s last year. With the funding, we were able to purchase extra outdoor seating and equipment. This has allowed the children at our breakfast club to use up some energy before the school day begins. Having access to this sort of financial support is crucial in keeping breakfast clubs going.’’

Chris Silcock, Managing Director of Kellogg’s UK & Ireland, said: “We are proud to have supported thousands of breakfast clubs up and down the country for 26 years. We know that during trying times, Breakfast Clubs can help to improve children’s school attendance and attainment. The commitment from Kellogg’s to help schools through its Breakfast Club grants can also often be a lifeline to parents too.”