Fresh blood takes the helm of Britain's leading craft cider association Craft cider as Albert Johnson of Ross-on-Wye Cider & Perry Company, and Lydia Crimp of Artistraw Cider, are elected to the top two roles at the Three Counties Cider & Perry Association (TCCPA). 

“It is a privilege to chair the largest membership association of small cidermakers in the UK," said fourth generation cidermaker Albert. 

"My father, Mike, was a founding member of the TCCPA, so to continue the legacy is very special." 

Lydia, co-founder of Artistraw Cider and co-chair of the pan-industry group, Cider Women, joins Albert as his deputy. "I am excited to be given the opportunity to add to the TCCPA's already rich history," said Lydia. "It's an honour to be working with such dedicated and talented people." 

Representing over 100 cider producers located far beyond the association's original boundaries of Herefordshire, Worcestershire and Gloucestershire, the vibrancy and energy of the revitalised sector is symbolised by members' desire not just to reach out to consumers but also to learn and move forward.  First up will be CraftCon 2024, at the beginning of April. 

"This will be the fifth anniversary of this landmark event, organised and hosted by the association," said Albert. 

"I hope to build on what we have achieved in the last five years to continue to achieve our aims of supporting and promoting the interests of cider and perry producers in our Three Counties region, but also all across the UK." 

"With five weeks to go, I'd urge all fellow cider professionals to join us for what will be an incredible couple of days with many of the world's leading lights sharing their wisdom," said Albert.

CraftCon 2024 takes place on Friday, April 5 and Saturday, April 6 at the Royal Agricultural University, Circencester. Over two days there will be over 20 speakers and panellists presenting interactive workshops and seminars aimed at aspiring and existing cidermakers in the UK and beyond. 

 "My predecessor, Dave Sanders brought the membership back together after the disruption of COVID to ensure the successful re-establishment of CraftCon," said Albert.

”The quality this year will be a fitting legacy to all his hard work." "We look forward to seeing you there," said Lydia. "The future of cider looks very bright indeed!" CraftCon is being generously supported by lead sponsor, The National Association of Cidermakers, as well as The London Cider House and Pershore Press, with other sponsors to be confirmed. 

Further information about CraftCon 2024 is available on the TCCPA’s dedicated CraftCon website ( and on Instagram and Facebook.

The TCCPA was founded in 1993 by a group of craft scale cider makers who came together at the cider and perry trials run by the The Big Apple in the parish of Putley in Herefordshire. From these early beginnings, membership has now grown significantly. With over 100 members, the TCCPA seeks to represent and support small craft cider and perry producers and enthusiasts via several means, including that of education and training. 

Membership of the TCCPA extends beyond the borders of Herefordshire, Worcestershire and Gloucestershire and is open to cidermakers, large and small, aspiring or commercial, hobbyists or advocates, and others with an interest in the cider world.

For details of the group contact Tom Tibbits on [email protected]

TCCPA held its Annual General Meeting at The Cider Museum in Hereford at the end of January when Albert, Lydia and the new committee was elected.

Cider production remains vitally important in the county and in February maker Westons Cider was named as a Sustainability Champion of the UK by the British Institute of Innkeeping, for work at its mill in Much Markle