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Thursday 9th December 2010 12:00 am

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Sunday Club Run – 28th November

A very interesting club ride, nine hardy, (or is that foolhardy?) riders turned up at Parkend at 9.30am where the temperature was -9 degrees celsius, possibly the coldest club run ever.

The consensus was to merge the long and short rides to a medium and try to avoid long descents and the resulting wind chill.

Jon Batts decided early doors to head into the woods on his MTB, where he thought it might be warmer.

By the time the group had reached the Forge Hammer at Lydbrook, the riders were unaminous that this was stupid as bits of toes and fingers began to drop off.

It was agreed at the suggestion of Steve 'Hardman' Price that they would head for the nearest cafe to do the opposite of chilling out before riding home.

Much to the astonishment and amusement of staff at Goodrich Castle Visitor Centre and Cafe, the possee descended on the facility for a warm and a coffee and reluctantly left some 40 minutes later to ride back into the Forest.

By now, the sun was out and the temperature had warmed up to a balmy -5 degrees for the return ride.

Heroes of the day were Steve Price and Antony Pollard, who rode to and from Newnham and Blaisdon, respectively setting off at 8.30am when the mercury was at -10.

Only 25 to 30 miles were covered for most but that was enough.

Duathlon Sunday – 21st November

Aly Rowell and Earl Smith both competed in the Run/ Bike/ Run 'Chilly' Duathlon at Castle Combe race track,Wiltshire.

The event invloves running two miles, cycling 10 miles then running again two miles, all on the smooth tarmac of the race track.

Earl placed eighth overall and hopes to do better come February 2010 with more training in the bank, while Aly finished seventh lady and 78th overall.

Their performances broke down as follows;

Earl – Run 11m 42s Bike 21m 41s Run 12m 03s. Overall time 47m 29s including transitions. Earls bike time was the quickest of all 220 competitiors on the day.

Aly – Run 13m 18s Bike 28m 13s Run 14m 13s Overall time 57m 35s including transitions.

Mr Pickwick's Cyrch Cymru Audax Ride – 20th November

Most road cycling stops in the autumn and picks up again in the spring, but not for the hardmen of the Audax circuit.

Two of the Forest's hardmen, Steve Price and Alistair Willis, travelled to Tewkesbury early to embark on a 208km (130 miles) Audax ride to Newport and back on a cold, dark, dank, wet November day.

The route passed through the Forest on the return trip to Tewkesbury late in the afternoon where Alistair peeled off from Kerne Bridge to Lydney to change and ready for the club dinner, but still bagged close to 100 miles.

Steve carried on in the dark and the rain to finish cold, wet and miserable later in the evening back at Tewkesbury.

He now plans to ride a 200k Audax in each of the months of 2011. Anyone want to join him?

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