MONMOUTH does not get a daily delivery of post anymore according to one resident who has contacted the Beacon.

Alex Simmons, who lives on Brook Estate, said that he was told by a manager at the local sorting office that it was his job to prioritise parcel delivery and that he “didn’t want to do letters”.

Alex, who has had cancer, said last week: “it’s a complete rip-off in Monmouth, My doctor’s appointment letters have been coming after the appointment day and my electricity bill, which was due to be paid by October 17th, arrived on the 23rd!”

He claimed that the post gets stuck up in a bin at the sorting office as they do not have the staff to sort them.

“I was told by a post office worker that another three have left, I feel sorry for them as they are under so much pressure”, he added.

Alex claims a member of staff was put into the Monmouth sorting office and decided to divide the town into priority routes and non-priority routes.

The latter included Wyesham and Overmonnow, where they get post once a week, “and it’s been like this for a year now”.

Alex claimed the employee who went in to promote parcel post, ‘caused chaos’.

“Quite a few postmen resigned because they saw sacks of post left over from the weekend when it should have been delivered”. 

When Alex visited the sorting office to get his weekly mail “as they don’t deliver anymore”, he was told that there would be no temporary staff available to deliver the mail until a new manager was appointed.

“I’ve been campaigning through Peter Fox MS who had a response from Michael Hogg, Senior Public Affairs Manager based in London, who admitted that “mail deliveries to Brook Estate have been affected over recent weeks due to around 11 per cent of colleagues being away from work through sickness as well as a number of vacancies”.

The letter continues: “The team are doing everything they can to improve the service in the NP25 area postcode as quickly as possible.

“We are currently delivering to addresses on Brook Estate at least every other day to maximise the delivery frequency for customers.

“We are working hard to further improve the service to customers in the NP25 area over the coming weeks so that we can deliver consistently six days a week to all addresses”.

The letter went on to say that they are currently recruiting in the Monmouth area and asked Mr Fox if he could promote the recruitment through his “social media channels”, suggesting thatr anyone wanting to know more about jobs should go to - although this is the  wrong link and should be [email protected] 

Alex added: “I’ve been fighting this for a year and everywhere I’ve gone, I’ve hit a wall. We get post once a week and this week, the postal delivery person apologised for delivering nine days post in one day.”

He added that he would not be getting any post that week as his postman had "gone on holiday”.