Ross Postman Graham Challenger, celebrated his 65th birthday and the first day of retirement on the same day last week.    Graham has been a familiar figure on his round which takes in the Weston-under-Penyard, Bromsash and Lea areas, for 19 years. He drives about his round in his van but once he took a pedometer and measured that he actually walked eight miles a day up and  down his residents paths and drives, which makes about 2000 miles a year and about 41000 miles during his career! Luckily the Post Office supplies comfortable boots to its staff! When Graham clocked on for his last shift, his colleagues had moved his sorting stand to the middle of the big sorting office and festooned it with messages and hats and bags. His carefully arranged alphabetical sorting stand where he "preps" his deliveries had been helpfully re- arranged for him by his work mates, just for fun!  Worse was to come when Graham went to his van. It was missing from the car-park and he eventually found it somehow or other placed in the bicycle shed covered with mail bags and messages! But Graham's last sorting shift also featured  a special breakfast feast at 6 am, donated by his managers from their own pockets.  During his last two days Graham has been feted by his postal clients with cards and messages, handshakes and little gifts. After all he has been delivering good news, and sometimers sad news and bills, for a long time and a postman naturally becomes a significant member of the community, especially to elder citizens, to whom Graham has always given a friendly  and sympathetic service. There is no doubt that Graham will be missed, quite a few of his clients were tearful when he called with their post for the last time.  Graham lives with his wife Lynn in Ross and they and Graham's two sons and their families shared a special birthday celebration.