Ukrainians in the UK will be helped into their own homes as part of a £150 million funding allocation.    

The funding will be divided across the UK according to the number of Ukrainians in each nation: c.£109 million for England, c.£30 million for Scotland, c.£8 million for Wales and around c.£2 million to Northern Ireland.    

Funding can be used by councils to help Ukrainian families into the private rental sector, help them get jobs, and continue sponsorship for guests’ second year in the UK.    

Councils are best placed to understand the support needed for local communities and, within England, this funding will be used to help people remain in their current accommodation or find alternative housing, including in the private rented sector. 

The Homes for Ukraine scheme has welcomed over 124,000 Ukrainians to the UK, with almost half of working-age nationals now in employment and settled into their local areas, having had the right to work, receive benefits and access public services from day one.   

The Department for Transport has also announced it will extend the length of time Ukrainian refugees can drive in the UK on their home country driving licence, from one year to three, in a move that will help many continue the lives and jobs they have forged since arriving here.  

Minister for Housing and Homelessness, Felicity Buchan said:  “The UK has an honourable tradition of offering shelter to those fleeing the horrors of war. Thanks to the extraordinary generosity of hosts in this country, over 124,000 Ukrainians have now found safety in the UK.   

  “Sadly, the fighting in Ukraine shows no sign of ending soon, so we are appealing for more people to become hosts while providing councils with this additional funding to support guests into long-term housing.”   

  On Wales' stance, Welsh Secretary David TC Davies said: “Wales continues to stand with Ukraine and our solidarity with its people has never been stronger.

“More than 6,700 Ukrainian people have so far been welcomed to Welsh homes, providing sanctuary for those in need and it has brought out the best of the community spirit for which Wales is so famous.

“I’d like to thank all those across Wales who have opened their doors and the UK Government will also continue to do all it can to support the people of Ukraine as the announcement of £8m extra funding for Wales demonstrates.”

 The UK government will continue to work with the Ukrainian government, the devolved administrations, local authorities and charities and voluntary groups to support guests and sponsors under the Homes for Ukraine Scheme.    

 The government is keen to ensure that Ukrainian guests receive the support they are entitled to while they are in the UK, and are helped into employment and long-term suitable accommodation, as soon as possible.  

Hosts in the UK will continue to receive a monthly £350 thank-you payment during guests’ first 12 months, rising to £500 a month during the following 12 months.    

To check how to apply to be a host, click here.