Wales Seniors Forum has launched a petition to Welsh Government calling for action on the lack of public toilets in Wales.

Wales Seniors Forum is a national forum of representatives from pensioners’ organisations and older people’s groups. In a recent survey carried out by the Forum, almost 60 per cent said that they wouldn’t go out or would limit their time away from home if public toilets weren’t available.

Gareth Parsons, Chair of Wales Seniors Forum said, “We know that without public toilets, older people will be unable to access their communities and will become more isolated. Before the pandemic, toilets were being closed and the situation has got worse since Covid, just when we need to be encouraging older people to get out and about. This is a public health issue that affects everyone.”

The petition calls for Welsh Government to provide support to local authorities to provide clean and accessible toilets in every community in Wales. It can be accessed online at or you can request a paper copy by contacting [email protected] or by calling 07944 996965

Wales Seniors Forum represents 16 older people’s organisations across Wales and receives administrative support from Age Cymru, the national charity for older people in Wales