Gwent Police has agreed that it will continue to provide assistance and traffic direction at local events after a meeting of the Mor Hafren Area Committee last month.

A debate took place regarding Gwent Police's support of Monmouthshire events such as Hoggin' the Bridge, and it was revealed that Gwent Police is in the process of developing an information pack to clarify organisers' roles and responsibilities.

Superintendent Nigel Russell said that Gwent Police is keen to work with all organisers to provide them with the support they require, and ensure that traffic management plans meet the required standards.

He said, "For Hoggin' the Bridge, we will discuss a number of options with the organisers and opportunities to use accredited personnel to ensure that they are capable of monitoring the smooth flow of traffic and dealing with any eventualities.

"Events that have national significance, such as Armistice Day parades, will still be supported by Gwent Police, and we will discuss the practicalities of each parade with the British Legion and local authority to ensure we provide appropriate support."

"Gwent Police understands that it is vital to work with all event organisers so they are aware of the responsibilities and duties in running any public event.

"We have never said we won't provide this support and look forward to working with the organisers of "Hoggin' the Bridge" and other similar events."

County councillor Jacqui Sullivan said, "We are keen to work with the police to ensure that we have everything in place to allow Hoggin' the Bridge to continue. I am reassured by the meeting with the police and their commitment to helping advise organisers. I look forward to receiving details of how Gwent Police will be able to support the training of the marshals."