The one way system in Monnow Street imposed in January has been lifted. However traders are bracing for a tsunami of full road closures as Welsh Water continue their schedule of replacing the Victorian water mains pipes throughout the town.

An announcement from Welsh Water yesterday confirmed that the street will revert to two-way traffic "from March 25", although the street is now open for traffic both ways. 

They added that a full closure of St John Street, lasting for four weeks will also begin this week, the start of a number of full closures planned for the town that will last through to July.

In consultation with the Chamber of Commerce, they will close one street at a time to make as little impact as possible on the flow of traffic throughout the town.

But the full closures will include the pinch point, Monnow Street, Agincourt Street and Square.

One trader who contacted the Beacon said: ““We know that the dates may be subject to change but drip-feeding information doesn’t help anyone plan”, 

“The lack of communication from those in the know is leaving businesses floundering and the worry is that once all the work is eventually done, Monmouth will be a ghost town of empty shops”,

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