AN application for a new caravan park just west of Llandenny has received fierce public opposition and was objected to by Raglan Community Council last week.

The application, which proposed a 30 space caravan park along Cefn Tilla Road, received more than 40 objections.

On Wednesday 27th July, the application appeared before Raglan Community Council where it tabled its objection to the proposal.

Councillors’ objections centred on the “insufficient” information provided by the application, its apparent conflict with seven Monmouthshire County Council policies and the impact the application may have on the countryside.

The numerous objections from the public raised concerns about increased use of the adjacent roads. The noise and light generated by the proposal and its potential to obscure the view were also raised.

At the meeting the applicant and members of the public attended but Raglan Community Council Chairman Peter Williams said the meeting was straight forward.

He said: “The meeting was very amicable, two of the residents were there and the applicant came up.

“The sighting was an objection and the noise was another objection. The resident said they could hear the noise from the showgrounds so it could come from the site as well.

“We just responded to the the application that was put to us and our objections were listed."

The plans have been recommended for refusal and will be discussed by Monmouthshire County Council in the coming weeks.