FLOODING on a par with 2020’s record high waters has hit Wyeside areas, with more light rain expected this morning.

The Wye peaked at just over 4.6m early this morning in Ross-on-Wye compared to 4.77m three years ago, with fields and bankside areas in the town covered before dropping back slightly.

Downstream at Lydbrook, the Wye appeared to be peaking this morning with a level of 6.45m at 9.30am.

At Monmouth, the rowing club was surrounded behind the closed flood gates and riverside fields and Monmouth School’s playing fields were all underwater as the level hit 5.8m, but the river is expected to fall this afternoon.

A flood warning for the Wye was issued yesterday morning by the Environment Agency.

But one local farmer has blasted ‘a lack of real time information’, with the EA temporarily automating flood warning messages due to industrial action by staff.

Ally Hunter Blair, who farms a mile downriver of Ross-on-Wye, told BBC West Midlands he was missing gauge information from measuring stations along the river to know how much his land would suffer.

He said a map tweeted by the EA "hadn't been updated for 14 hours" despite normally getting revised "as and when the situation changes" and said it was "ridiculous" more detailed information was unavailable.

"If it peaks at 4.1m for example, I know that only half the fields will be underwater, but if it's 4.4m, the whole lot's going to be underwater, so suddenly a couple of centimetres or a foot makes all that difference.

"Farmers up and down the river require that information. It's all guesswork at the moment."

The BBC said that according to the EA, warnings and alerts were continuing on its website and also being shared on social media, but further detail including river peaks and expected times of peaks were currently only available on social platforms.

Meanwhile, Ross Juniors Fc posted photos of the flooding covering pitches and surrounding the clubhouse, with all games off today at the Sports Ground.

A post on Friday said: “Here’s how the pitches are looking at lunchtime today!

“We can safely confirm without the need for any further pitch inspections that all home games and paces including tots and Saturday club are off.”

Hereford & Worcester Fire and Rescue Service have urged motorists not to drive through flood water after several vehicles got stuck in the high water.

For more information see https://check-for-flooding.service.gov.uk/station/4029 and riverlevels.uk