Vanessa (AKA The Girl on a Bike) takes on the Tiger 900 Rally Pro in a recent review video on YouTube.

The bike's adjustable display is easy to read, with options for distance, speed, and fuel economy, among others. Vanessa is impressed with the heated seats and grips, as well as the cruise control feature.

Luggage capacity is ample, with official Triumph hard luggage on the back, luggage racks, and a waterproof bag. Vanessa also mentions some issues with the phone connectivity but praises the ease of mounting her phone with a quad lock mount.

Vanessa has already done 150 miles on the bike and is generally impressed with its performance. She mentions the seat being a little hard and causing some discomfort after a couple of hours, but believes that this can be fixed with aftermarket seats and covers. The bike is powerful, with good riding modes, weather protection, and windshield. It is comfortable for long rides, and the adjustable screen makes it easy to customise according to the rider's preferences.

Overall, Vanessa is enthusiastic about the Tiger 900 Rally Pro and looks forward to using it on her upcoming desert trip. She is impressed with its power, handling, and luggage capacity and sees it as a great touring bike that can also handle off-road adventures.