Vanessa Ruck, Monmouth's renowned motorcycle competitor, also popularly known as @TheGirlOnABike, recently delved into the picturesque landscapes of North Wales. In a bid to emphasise that one doesn't need to hop on an aeroplane to experience adventure and relaxation, Vanessa chronicled her refreshing four-day mini break in the Snowdonia area, specifically in Corwen Bay.

With the clear intent of "unwinding", Vanessa and her husband were treated to a cornucopia of experiences. From feeling the crisp sea air on their faces on beautiful beaches, climbing ancient castle turrets in Conway Castle, a structure built in 1060, to tasting distinctive dishes from local eateries, the trip was nothing short of mesmerising. The couple's venture through Snowdonia included breathtaking sights like the Penny Pass and captivating outdoor activities such as stand-up paddleboarding on Colwyn Bay.

Food, always a highlight for Vanessa, became an even more elevated experience as she utilised the Michelin Guide. Emphasising its value, she explained how it steered them to independent, high-quality restaurants instead of the more commercial chains. One particular hidden gem was a restaurant found up a dimly lit staircase, which offered a sumptuous seven to eight-course tasting menu. Another intriguing aspect was a menu that priced beverages based on their distance from the restaurant, an innovation Vanessa found fascinating.

Their exploration also led them to serene waterfalls and various adventure sports spots along the North Welsh coast. Using the Michelin Green Guide, they even chanced upon a splendid castle which allowed visitors to freely explore its historical architecture, offering panoramic views that stretched across the vast sea and surrounding landscape.

To add a twist of modern luxury to the rustic charm of North Wales, Vanessa chose the Michelin Porsche Taycan 4S, an electric car, as her mode of transportation. This choice led to many an admiring glance, not just for the car's impressive aesthetics, but for its astounding acceleration - 0 to 60 in a mere 4.1 seconds.

Concluding her report, Vanessa expressed a deep appreciation for the diversity and beauty the North Welsh coastline presented. Whether it was the pristine white sand beaches, the rich heritage encapsulated in ancient castles, or the luxuriant stays in hotels with amenities like spas, North Wales proved to be a treasure trove of experiences.

In essence, Vanessa Ruck's journey through North Wales serves as a compelling reminder: sometimes, the most unforgettable adventures await just beyond our doorsteps.