MONMOUTHSHIRE will be hosting the National Eisteddfod in 2016. The week-long event will run from 30th July to 6th August and is a celebration of Welsh language, culture and heritage. Around 160,000 visitors flock to the Eisteddfod every year which sees an economic affect of £6 million to £8 million during the week, with hospitality, leisure and tourism sectors receiving a big boost. Monmouthshire will welcome 150 hours of broadcasting on television, radio and online. The Eisteddfod is the largest BBC outside broadcast after Wimbledon. Businesses in the area are being encouraged to learn basic Welsh in order to give a "warm Welsh welcome" to tourists visiting Monmouthshire. The decision to host the Eisteddfod was made by Monmouthshire councillors at a special full council meeting last Friday (23rd May). They agreed a withdrawal of £580,000 from the council's priority investment reserve with £300,000 of this sum needing to be raised by the community, a requirement of hosting the Eisteddfod. Monmouthshire is encouraged to get involved in fundraising by hosting various events. Over the years, Eisteddfod organisers have seen everything from duck races to cake sales. Castle Meadows, Abergavenny is the chosen location but according to Gwenllian Carr, head of communications for the national Eisteddfod, the event will benefit the county of Monmouthshire as a whole. She said: "People travel from miles around to come to the Eisteddfod and hotels will get completely booked in that month. "The Eisteddfod is in Llanelli this year and people will stay in hotels as far out as Swansea because most hotels will be fully booked in that week. "Over the next two years and over the Eisteddfod week, we will be working to promote Monmouthshire as a county. "It's so beautiful and people will certainly want to come back after the Eisteddfod has finished." Councillor Phil Hobson praised the impact the Eisteddfod will have on the county. He said: "The Eisteddfod isn't just one week in August 2016, it starts today. "We will be working hand in glove with the National Eisteddfod and we're sure it'll succeed. "The Eisteddfod provides a unique opportunity for the county, not just Abergavenny. It's for Raglan, Usk, Severnside and Chepstow. "It's a great opportunity for people in Monmouthshire to get really involved" Leader Peter Fox said: "It's important the county celebrates its part in Welsh culture. We're in Wales and we are Welsh. "Monmouthshire's 'Welshness' has grown massively in recent years." Councillor Doug Edwards said: "This is very close to my heart. I'm delighted to see Monmouthshire will once again host the National Eisteddfod." For more information about the Eisteddfod, visit:"> Monmouthshire last hosted the National Eisteddfod in 2016.