COULD you do with some help from members of the Rotary Club of Monmouth?

While the Covid pandemic has given us all a shock and has led many to reappraise what we are doing in the community Rotary is planning to do even more than it does at present.

Many residents are aware that for many years Rotary Monmouth has been present in the community supporting it as well as groups in many ways large and small, including the formation of the Rotary Community Champions.

Activities have included providing a minibus for a local charity, installing and maintaining the Blestium Street Green Wall, the annual firework display, clearing Balsam from the riverbanks, plus many other services and fund raising activities which have been in existence since 1951.

Nagi El Bay, president of Rotary Monmouth says: ‘‘We would very much like to expand our services to the community of Monmouth and surrounding area but we wish to be guided by the community regarding what everyone feels is important, however difficult it may seem to achieve.

‘‘It would greatly help us in this quest if residents were able to answer the Question :- ‘’If you could choose one thing that would benefit your group or the wider community as a whole, what would it be?’’

‘‘Could we ask that when you respond you include your name so that we can respond and discuss your proposal.

‘‘We would like to hear from groups and individuals and as well as our appeal in the Beacon we also plan publicity on Facebook for this initiative.

‘‘For more information on this initiative and our other activities please see our website at where you can also respond to the question.

‘‘We look forward to hearing from you.’’