Kate Humble four-letter blast at wood litter lout

Saturday 14th May 2022 4:00 pm
Kate Humble. pic Channel 5
(Channel 5 )

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TV presenter Kate Humble let rip at a litter lout when she found a discarded wrapper on a woodland track near her Wye Valley home.

The furious Tintern-based star, who champions nature and the environment in her shows and books, took to social media with a picture of the offending item and branded the person responsible a “selfish f****r”.

Picture of Kate Humble
(Kate Humble ) (Kate Humble )

Her woodland Wye Valley walks featured heavily in her recent best selling book Thinking On My Feet.

And the former Countryfile and Springwatch presenter went wild when she discovered a thoughtless walker’s rubbish lying on a track.

She blasted on Instagram: “I don’t like using social media to rant or as a platform for negativity (there are quite enough of those) but to the selfish f****r who walked in our local woods today & thought it was acceptable to leave their litter behind, it’s not. Ever.

“Not only does it defile a place that presumably you’ve come to because it is beautiful, ruining it for everyone else, more importantly you are endangering the creatures which depend on these woods for survival.

“And if you are really too feeble to carry your litter home, stay on your sofa & chuck your litter about in your own living room. Shame on you.

“Rant over. #sorry everyone.”

Tuesday’s (May 3) post by the Escape to the Farm and Coastal Britain star attracted nearly 7,000 likes within 24 hours and more than 600 comments.

One poster replied: “Well said, I hate litter and dog poo bags left hanging in trees.”

Another added: “It’s the height of selfishness. I’m always picking up other people’s litter as I can’t bear to see it.

“People who litter don’t deserve to enjoy beautiful spaces. Harsh but true. It can’t truly mean much to them if they treat the place with such disrespect.”

But a wildlife photographer noted: “It could actually have fallen out of a pocket; it’s happened to me with an entire map so I’m sure a crunched up crisp packet could escape.”

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