I have taken time over the past two weeks to consider views expressed, not only by councillors, but also by the residents we represent.

May I ask the people of Monmouth to please extend some space and time for all councillors to consider how to change processes for the better. I believe the town council is in a good place to reflect the views of all Monmouth residents.

I understand there have been concerns, but it is only fair to acknowledge the mandate which I was given when elected. As an INDY Monmouth candidate, my stated aim was to greatly increase public engagement. As an elected councillor, I will be honouring that pledge to deliver a town council that actively encourages public participation, as we endeavour to create a progressive and sustainable Monmouth.

Change does not take place overnight. It will take time to make a transition. But with your consideration, understanding and support, change is something we can collectively achieve. I look forward to working with as many as possible to produce a vision for Monmouth we can all support.

If anyone has specific concerns they wish to address to me directly, they can email me at [email protected]

Felicity Cotton

(Mayor of Monmouth)