In defence of surgery

Friday 19th March 2010 12:00 am

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In reply to the anonymous letter last week ('Pets have it better than their owners', 10th March), I feel I must write in defence of Chippenham Surgery. I have had regular contact with it over several years during my husband's illness. On each occasion I have had nothing but courtesy from receptionists, and have always been able to get an appointment, if necessary, on the same day, albeit not necessarily with one's first choice of GP.

On the day of my husband's death (a Friday) his doctor phoned me in the evening after 7pm to offer his condolences.  The surgery may shut its doors at six o'clock, but that doesn't mean they go home then.

Jane Oakley


Editorial note: We never publish anonymous letters, but we will, if asked to do so, omit the sender's name and address. This was the case with the letter referred to above.

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