A decision has been taken to close Goldwire Lane in an ‘experimental’ road closure.

The decision made by Cabinet member Catrin Maby followed a report put before her authored by MCC officers Phaedra Cleary, Assistant Engineer and Graham Kinsella, Traffic and Road Safety Manager.

The report said that the length of Goldwire Lane “which is proposed to be restricted, is a highway subject to a one-way only permitted direction of travel, therefore, there is the possibility of inappropriate vehicle speeds being used.

The report also suggested that: “It is recognised that this road is also used by vehicles as a “rat run” to access Drybridge Street.”

A Monmouthshire County Council spokesperson said: "The proposal to introduce an 'experimental prohibition of driving, except for access' traffic order has been identified due to road safety concerns where there are limited pedestrian facilities along the short "one way" section of Goldwire Lane between Abbeyfield House and its junction with Drybridge Street at the Green Dragon public house. It is acknowledged that increased numbers of pedestrians use this route to access Monmouth Town and the surrounding area, and this proposal is in response to requests by local residents concerned about safety, especially for older people and young children. The proposed order would restrict access to all vehicles other than residents and those motorists with a legitimate access requirement, such as visitors, deliveries, refuse collection vehicles, emergency services, etc. 

Local consultation will take place immediately to gauge residents' opinions on the proposal before it progresses any further. It should also be noted that should the consultation be in favour of the proposals, no physical work will occur until the surrounding highway improvement works are completed."

Comments on social media included one from Averil Hoggins who said that the road has always been a “risky place for pedestrians with virtually no footpath at the junction with Drybridge Street.

“Unfortunately, removing the Wonastow Road/Drybridge Street roundabout and reverting back to a junction will only increase the use of this lane as a rat run. Hence MCC having to consider closing it.