First Minister Vaughan Gething looks set to lose a vote of no confidence tabled by Welsh Conservatives which is due to be debated and voted on in the Senedd this afternoon.

Mr Gething’s first months in the job have been marred by scandal and controversy, with the new First Minister facing questions over his campaign donations, his deletion of COVID messages and the sacking of a Minister from the Welsh Government over alleged leaks.

A BBC documentary which aired on Monday night revealed how a company that bankrolled Vaughan Gething's successful bid to become Wales' first minister was linked to a criminal investigation.

Mr Gething's leadership campaign accepted £200,000 from a firm controlled by millionaire businessman David Neal with a criminal investigation into suspected environmental offences by one of Mr Neal's firms, Resources Management Limited (RML), is being carried out by  Natural Resources Wales

A spokesman for Welsh Labour said the issues had already been addressed by Mr Gething who later said he was "not aware of any of the details" of the criminal investigation.

In the wake of the controversies Welsh Tories tabled a vote of confidence, which is due to be debated and voted on later today.

In a further blow to the First Minister the chair of the Senedd’s Labour group, Vikki Howells, admitted on BBC Radio today that he is likely to lose the vote as two Labour colleagues are off sick.

It is believed they are Hannah Blythyn, who was sacked from the Welsh government by Vaughan Gething, and Lee Waters, the former transport minister who has called for the money to be returned.

What is a vote of no confidence?

This afternoon's decision in the Senedd is not a formal no confidence vote in the government, which would need to be called for by six Senedd members and, if successful could trigger a series of events that would lead to an election.

The opposition has not called such a vote as it’s unlikely that any Labour MSs  would vote to bring down their own government.

Instead, the vote is on a motion which says Mr Gething does not have the confidence of the Senedd.

If he loses the vote Mr Gething will not need to resign although pundits suggest that failing to encourage Labour Senedd members to fully support him would demonstrate a loss of authority that will likely damage his leadership.

Speaking ahead of the vote Andrew RT Davies MS, Leader of the Welsh Conservatives, said: “Vaughan Gething and the Labour Party have treated the people of Wales with contempt.

 “The First Minister has completely degraded his office, his authority is shot and he is completely unable to govern at a time when NHS waiting lists in Wales are at record levels thanks to Labour.

 “If Labour decides to unite around their busted-flush First Minister, despite questions around his honesty, transparency and truthfulness, our public services will continue to suffer.”

“According to Welsh Labour’s chair, the Senedd has no confidence in Vaughan Gething. The Welsh people have no confidence in Vaughan Gething.

 “The only person left supporting Vaughan Gething is Keir Starmer,” said Mr Davies

Plaid Cymru leader Rhun ap Iorwerth, who recently ended a co-operation agreement with the Labour administration accused the First Minister of undermining the office

“In accepting a £200k donation from a convicted polluter, the First Minister has undermined his own office and the confidence of the people of Wales in his ability to govern.

“At a time when trust in politics is low, any perception of outside influence in the Labour Welsh government’s decision making is eroding public confidence.

“The First Minister’s unwillingness to admit to his significant error of judgment signifies a worryingly care-free attitude.

“Even when a Labour colleague reportedly offered to help him repay the toxic donation, he declined the offer, further proof that he doesn’t understand the anger felt by the people of Wales.

“It is for the Labour party and ultimately Keir Starmer to decide the fate of the First Minister. Whether some of their members hold their noses or reaffirm their unhappiness at the scale and source of the donation through supporting a vote of no confidence is a matter for them.”

Welsh Liberal Democrat Leader and Mid & West Wales Senedd Member Jane Dodds renewed her call for a cap on donations to political parties ahead of the vote saying,“This vote is about cleaning up politics in Wales. We all expect our leaders to meet the high standards that their office requires, and the First Minister has not met those standards.

“Vaughan Gething has had the opportunity over the recent months to do the right thing and return the donation yet has failed to do so.

“The Liberal Democrats want to see a different kind of politics in Wales and across the UK and that’s why we have called for a cap on donations to political parties.”

The vote is set to take place later today