Wild Woman of the Wye, Angela Jones has reported an ongoing issue of sewage being pumped into the River Wye, raising continued concerns about water pollution in the area.

Whilst kayaking she noticed a combine storm outlet continuously pumping sewage into the river, even when water levels were low and there was minimal rain. As someone who regularly kayaks along the river, she was quick to report the incident and bring attention to the issue.

Angela plans to discuss the issue of River Wye pollution with Countryfile soon. The incident has sparked outrage among fellow residents, with many calling for action against polluters.

Commenting on the Facebook post, Fiona T Frank praised Ms. Jones for her excellent work, while Robert Buchanan expressed his disapproval of the pollution.

The Friends of the Lower Wye and other groups play a critical role in ensuring that polluters will be held accountable for River Wye pollution.