From this month the new Welsh Government Recycling waste laws come into force.

Starting April 6 2024, all business premises, charities and public sector organisations will need to sort their waste into six separate containers ready for collection.

The law will also apply to all waste and recycling collectors and processors who manage household-like waste from workplaces..

Materials such as food, paper and card, glass, metal, plastic and cartons, unsold textiles and unsold small waste electrical equipment will need to be separated for collection, and collected separately. Food waste will now not be allowed to be sent to any sewer, mains or otherwise via a macerator . All food waste will need to be collected into its own container and collected separately. There will also be a ban on separately collected waste going to incineration and landfill and all wood waste going to landfill. Small businesses can pay MCC to collect their waste for which there will be an annual charge of £375, determined by the amount of waste you have to dispose of.  This amount provides a glass box, two polypropylene bags and a food bin with clear plastic bags; weekly collections, with fortnightly collections for glass and two black bags.  

Bigger bins are available for the hospitality sector. 

The Welsh Government believes this is a step towards reaching zero waste, reducing carbon emissions and tackling the climate emergency.