It has been five months since Jason Chapman released his captivating crime-fiction novel, set in the heart of Abergavenny. Now with the third instalment’s release just around the corner, readers can expect another thrilling Monmouthshire mystery.

Jason’s first book of the compelling saga: ‘The Dead Will Beckon’, introduced readers to Detective Inspector Marc Fagan - a seasoned Merseyside Detective returning to his roots in Abergavenny to see out the remainder of his career with Gwent Police.

However, Fagan’s tranquil homecoming comes to an abrupt halt when an old flame is found brutally murdered in a local park... As Fagan delves into the investigation, he finds himself confronting the ghosts of his own past; unearthing secrets that could tear this close-knit community apart.

Fagan’s story does not stop there, with ‘The Dead and the Buried’. The fictional Detective is thrust into a chilling case involving the murder of an archaeologist at Skenfrith Castle.

The stakes escalate as Fagan races against time to uncover a missing treasure believed to be lost for nine hundred years. But amidst the hunt for this treasure, a darker menace looms... an elusive serial killer concealed in plain sight.

The third book, slated for release on September, 30, promises readers an equally thrilling journey. Titled: ‘Melody from the Dead’, DI Fagan’s expertise is put to the test as he investigates a decades-old mystery at Vine Road Music Studios near Monmouth.

When a body is found buried at the back of the world-famous recording studio, with a prestigious Brit award and a Rolex watch; the dark underbelly of the music industry is slowly brought to the light; leading Fagan down a path of startling revelations.

Fagan’s adventures have garnered a dedicated fanbase since its debut, which has come as quite a surprise to the local author.

Having grown up in Abergavenny, Jason was always conjuring up stories that combined elements of science-fiction and mystery. He spent hours immersed in classic science- fiction novels and crime thrillers, drawing inspiration from both genres to shape his own literary voice.

After leaving school Jason pushed his passion for writing beyond its limits.

Over the last thirty years he has explored his never ending passion for storytelling. Refining his storytelling techniques and gaining a deeper understanding of the intricacies involved in crafting interesting narratives.

Having previously released novels mainly focusing on the science-fiction genre, Jason never expected his venture into crime-fiction to take off the way it has. Speaking to The Chronicle, Jason said: “The response has been overwhelming.”

The new addition to the series is far from the conclusion to DI Fagan’s story, with Jason already working on the fourth novel. “Its going to be a powerful tale of how the miners strike of 1984 still resonates through the South Wales valleys today,” Jason teased. “I have plenty of murder mysteries and cold cases lined up for DI Fagan. Monmouthshire and the South Wales valley is rich in history and culture. There is so much to write about.”

Keep an eye out for the ‘Melody from the Dead’, which will hit local bookshops on September, 30.