A MONMOUTHSHIRE couple who met on the dance floor are still stepping in time together more than 60 years later writes Katherine Skellon.

Melvyn and Glenys Jones, of Raglan, celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary in September but due to the death of the Queen, didn’t receive their royal telegram from King Charles III until later in the year.

It was their shared passion for dance that brought them together at a police dance in Raglan on 11 May, 1962.

“I was in The Crown Hotel when a gentleman walked in with a lady on his arm,” explained Glenys, 90.

“I was disappointed until I was told that the lady was, in fact, his sister. He bought me a drink and I followed him to the police dance at The Beaufort Hotel where he asked me for a dance,” she added.

“He came over several times and that was it. We just clicked. We both love dancing, especially the waltz and foxtrot. It was a wonderful social activity, especially in the years following the war.”

“Melvyn walked me home afterwards and it went from there”, added Glenys.

Melvyn, 85 said that whilst they hadn’t met before he knew of Glenys, who had been widowed with two children, through his sister and that she caught his eye that evening.

“We went to The Halfway pub at Llantilio Crossenny for our first date where I asked her what she would like for her birthday the following month and she said a ring.”

Melvyn recalled asking Glenys’ father for her hand in marriage.

“He replied: ‘Are you sure? You are not only taking on a wife but two children as well’.”

They married at St Cadoc’s Church, Raglan on 22 September, 1962 and held their reception at The Beaufort Hotel for 50 guests, with the meal costing £1 per head.

The couple spent their honeymoon in Yorkshire before starting their married life together in Raglan. Their daughter Beverley was born the following summer.

Melvyn, one of six siblings born in Bryngwyn, worked as a long-distance lorry driver before working in the dispatch department at David S Smith in Monmouth.

Glenys is one of four siblings born in Llantilio Crossenny. She worked as a canteen assistant at Raglan Primary School and later at the village Post Office Shop.

The couple, have three children between them, Beverley aged 59, Anthony,70 and Gwyneth, 71, as well as one grandson, three step-grandchildren and two great-grandsons.

They celebrated their landmark anniversary during Beverley’s wedding reception to Mike in October surrounded by family and friends.

“It was very special as Bev’s friend Nick travelled from Ireland and sang three of our favourite songs. Glenys and I enjoyed dancing the waltz together,” said Melvyn.

The couple were delighted when the royal card arrived.

“We weren’t sure if we would receive a card with the Queen’s passing but it was a lovely surprise when it arrived,” said Melvyn.

“We are very proud to be among the first to receive a card from the King,” he added.

The couple said their advice for a long and happy marriage is to take the rough with the smooth.

“We’ve had our ups and downs but you have to work together,” said Glenys.

“We have a wonderful partnership and look after one another and take the rough with the smooth.”

“We never leave the house without giving the other a hug and saying goodbye,” she added.