The Gathering of the Greens is a group of John Deere tractor enthusiasts who hold an annual tractor gathering each year at Park Grace Dieu Farm at the Hendre near Monmouth, courtesy your local John Deere dealer, Frank Sutton.

The Gathering is held the first weekend in July and celebrates everything John Deere in true country style and has been meeting for over 14 years.

It attracts Deere enthusiasts from all over the UK and USA enthusiasts and Deere friends come together at small events throughout the year and have decided to donate their proceeds to the Wales Air Ambulance.

The tractor enthusiasts recognize that in a rural location the security of knowing that there is such a valuable emergency service available is invaluable. 

The Wales Air Ambulance is a charity funded by the people of Wales and relying entirely on charitable donations to keep the helicopters in the air and the Rapid Response vehicles on the road across Wales.

The Gathering of the Greens held a socially evening on the 20th of April and were pleased to present a cheque for £1,000 to Robert Evans and Angela Jones volunteers for the Welsh charity.

Thanking Anna Frank and everyone, Robert said “You have always been tremendously supportive and every donation, big or small is a great help.

He explained that each operation usually costs around £4,000

“The charity has been going since 2001 and has been totally funded by donations from the public.

Since their inauguration, they have flown 48500 missions “and it’s only through the support through people such as yourselves we keep going with an annual budget of £12.5 million,” he added.

This year's Gathering of the Greens will take place on the 6th of July. For more information on the event please email [email protected] or visit their website

To find out more about the Wales Air ambulance please visit