A ROAD described as “very bumpy” – and where safety concerns have been raised – isn’t a priority for resurfacing, a councillor has been told. 

The condition of Crick Road, from the B4245 to Main Road Portskewett, was raised by village coucillor Lisa Dymock at Monmouthshire County Council’s May meeting. 

The Conservative said: “When I attended at Archbishop Rowan Williams primary I wasn’t expecting questions regarding roads but a little hand went up and asked ‘My dad wants to know when is Monmouthshire County Council going to repair Crick Road as it’s very bumpy’?. That little man was spot on.” 

Councillor Catrin Maby, the cabinet member responsible for highways, said she was “shocked” to realise it has been a year since Cllr Dymock had taken her along Crick Road to show her its condition. 

The Labour member said: “I’m really sorry we haven’t been able to solve the problem.” 

But she said she had checked with officers who said it isn’t high enough up on the priority list for resurfacing, though any concerns around safety would be addressed. 

She did however say as the council has set aside funding for “small patch repairs over the next three years” she would follow up on the possibility of a stretch of the road, near a housing development, being looked at. 

Cllr Dymock who had asked when the road would be “brought up to an adequate and safe standard for road users” thanked Cllr Maby for her response.