MONMOUTH Carnival will be reigniting the festive spirit of its renowned Monnow Street parade on Sunday, June 25.

After a pandemic-triggered hiatus in 2020 and subsequent smaller marches across Chippenham Fields, the cherished event is poised for a vibrant comeback.

The competition among parade entries is already fierce, with the carnival committee offering a first prize of £200 and a second prize of £100 in each category.

Commencing from Agincourt Square, the parade will culminate at the Chippenham Playing Fields (Millennium Fields).

While the bygone tradition of motorised vehicles in the procession is now a relic due to reduced involvement, the Monmouth Carnival Voluntary Committee views this as a chance to rejuvenate the festival.

Enthusiastic new committee members, including newly elected town councillors, are driving this revival.

The day is teeming with entertainment, kicking off at 11:30 am with registration at Agincourt Square as the carnival brings back it’s Monnow Street parade following smaller processions across Chippenham Fields in recent years.

The procession and judging take centre stage from 1 pm to 2 pm, followed by an awe-inspiring gymnastics spectacle.

The programme is chock-full of merriment, commencing at 11:30 am with registration at Agincourt Square.

The procession and judging follow from 1 pm until 2 pm, succeeded by a breathtaking gymnastics display.

The day unfolds further with the Bezerkaz Circus Fire Display, the rhythmic beats of Batala Bristol, a Hoops Display, Samba Galez, another Bezerkaz Circus show, and culminating with a Sunshine Disco from 4:30 pm until 5 pm.

Complementing these main events, visitors can amuse themselves at various stalls, have their faces painted, and participate in free circus skills workshops throughout the afternoon on Chippy Field.

Three categories are open for entries: Large Groups consisting of five or more individuals, Small Groups or individuals of four or fewer, and Non-Motorised Decorated Vehicles – with mobility scooters being permitted. The stakes are high, with a £200 first prize and £100 second prize up for grabs in each class.

A carnival spokesperson said: "Monmouth Carnival Sunday has always been about the community, for the community.

"As an open-access and all-inclusive event, the carnival not only aims to strengthen the social and economic fabric of Monmouth, but it also acts as a catalyst for charitable efforts.

"The platform is open for schools, private tuition enterprises, youth groups, sports clubs, music, dance, drama societies, special interest groups, charities, churches, and local businesses to showcase their services, skills, and talents within the community.

"Thus, whether you’re a tot, a grandparent, or somewhere in between, the Monmouth Carnival promises a day of familiy-friendly amusement."