Monmouth and UK businesses have been adapting and adjusting throughout Covid-19. The Beacon spoke to owner of Car Care, Les Modget what businesses are doing to navigate the pandemic.

Care Care was hit particularly hard by the first lockdown and initial wave of pandemic restrictions. With so few people on the road the business really struggled to stay afloat on the motors side of the business.However, prior to the lockdown the business was expanding fast and had opened a branch in Caldicott which sold DIY essentials as well as just car accesseries.Throughout the lockdowns people spent more time at home, and as such, spent more money on home renovations. Prior to the pandemic, Car Care spent a lot of money expanding, not only into other towns, but also in what the businesses sells. Sales from the DIY section of Caldicott Car Care has helped keep the business going.It is often seen that smaller businesses which serve local residents often have the ability to diversify and adapt to suit the needs of their customers more quickly than their larger counterparts.Business is looking like it’s heading towards a pre-Covid level, however nothing for businesses is certain in 2021."One minute you think you’re getting back to normal, the next you’re back in another lockdown", said Les.It’s not just Covid that’s providing problems for businesses. Worldwide price rises have been another huge obsticle. Someone importing a container from China who’d usually pay £3,000 are now stumping up £20,000 for the same goods.Les told the Beacon: "The cost of raw materials has gone through the roof. A 2.5m, 6x4 piece of planed wood which used to cos £7.99 is now £29.99. I’ve even had to reduce my profit margins because the cost just keeps going up. The same can be said for all building materials."Whilst many businesses are facing the challenges of Covid, the widespread rise in prices is yet another obsticle at a difficult and uncertain time.