Results from Monmouth bridge club last week.

Monday September 18 North/South 1 David Savage and Mary Britton 2 Julie and David Davies 3 Tim Coombs and Robin Pittson.

East/West 1 Terry Hill and Ian Poulter 2 Val and Terry Morgan 3 Neil Smith and Gail Jones

Wed September 20 No fear bridge North/South 1 Gordon and Vivienne Casson 2 Terry Hill and Phil Withers 3 Jennifer and Phillip Neale.

East/West 1 Brigid and Thomas Hamilton-Jones 2 Val and Terry Morgan 3= Mike and Lorraine Taylor, Jenny and Geoff Ricks, Yvonne Rees and Sue Nam.

Thursday September North/South 1 Richard Brierly and Nigel Saunders 2 Jon Dullforce and Mary Britton 3 = Terry Hill and Mary Roden, Jackie and Ian Poulter. East/West 1 Julie and David Davies 2 Neil Smith and Gail Jones 3 Sue Stockwell and Val Conniff.