The organisers of Art in Penallt are delighted to have made substantial donations to a number of local charities from the proceeds of this year’s event: £2,000 each to Bridges & Monmouth & District Food Bank, £500 to St John Ambulance Wales towards a defibrillator for Gwent, £400 to the Aortic Dissection Trust and £100 to the Ted Senior Foundation. This brings the total given away since Art in Penallt was founded to £25,700.

Jessica Kimberley (Art in Penallt treasurer) is pictured handing over cheques to Martin Howlett, representing Mike Brain, for Monmouth Food Bank and to Andrea Charles for Social Circles at Bridges. Also present were Aileen Atkinson, Lisa O’Neill, Antonia Pearson and Stephanie Coutts.

Bridges’ Director Aileen Atkinson said “we really are so grateful to Art in Penallt for their incredibly generous donation. It will mean that we can offer even more to the Social Circles group in terms of fun and meaningful activities. Social Circles provides vital social support and donations like this mean that we can continue to do that in even better ways”.