RAGLAN-based author Matt Johnson has released his second novel, ‘Deadly Game’.

The book, published earlier this month (15th March), is the sequel to his debut novel ‘Wicked Game’. It follows Police Inspector Robert Finlay who is assigned to investigate the human trafficking industry just as a key witness is murdered.

Author Matt Johnson is an ex-soldier and Met Policeman who was discharged in 1999 with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). He had been a first-responder at a range of bombings and witnessing his colleague Yvonne Fletcher get mortally wounded at the Libyan embassy shooting in 1984.

His debut novel ‘Wicked Game’ acted as a therapeutic release, and after being published independently online was re-released by Orenda Books in print on 15th March last year. A year on, and ‘Deadly Game’ has been published as the second book in what Matt says will be a trilogy.

Matt said: “The past year has felt like a rollercoaster. As I said in a recent interview it’s like being a novice surfer riding a perfect wave, and any moment I could crash out. “It’s been exciting in a surreal way.

“The book has been received well by readers and reviewers, it’s knocking at the door of real success.

“The second book was challenging. The first one took me years to write, a bit at a time, combining visits to my councillor. I was weaving a real story into a fictional setting and the story evolved from there.

“But with book two, there came expectation and pressure. I had to create a story instead of re-telling a story.

“It responds to the events of the first book, and explores the reality of working on a murder squad. It’s not done by people like Inspector Morse, It’s very much a team effort.”

‘Deadly Game’ is available online and at bookstores. For more information on the author visit www.orendabooks.co.uk/matt-johnson