As Halloween looms on the horizon, new research has revealed that your house could be worth thousands of pounds more if it is ‘haunted’. 

The research, by Raleigh Realty, suggests that a home with an interesting background - including reports of a resident ghost - could add up to 10 per cent to the value of a property. 

This comes after a survey showing that 43 per cent of the UK adults believe in the paranormal, with a quarter (25 per cent) believing that they live or have lived in a haunted house. 

For the average UK home, a ghost story could add up to £28,800 in value - but not every buyer is keen on taking on a haunted property. 

Ryan Fitzgerald, of Raleigh Realty, commented: “Specific types of people are looking for specific types of properties and they want to own a unique property that has history, or interesting stories behind them. 

“A home with a story can fetch up to 10 per cent more than the true market value based on the unique desirability of the property.”

Tips for those who are unsure about buying a haunted house include doing research about the local folklore to see if there are any historical reports of paranormal activity. 

Other tips include checking sales records, considering the resale impact of a potential haunting, and negotiating on the price. 

Ryan added: “You have to consider the unique challenges of this sort of property, and the additional costs you might incur when dealing with paranormal activity. 

“Investigations, exorcisms, renovations and repairs all add up, so definitely think about these costs when making your final offer on a property.”