With interest in Regency era styles soaring after the release of the new season of Netflix’s Bridgerton, an interior stylist has revealed how to get the look. 

Over the last month, the term ‘Bridgerton House’ has seen a UK Google search increase of 322 per cent, while searches for the regency era aesthetic have peaked on Pinterest. 

More than 60 per cent of these searches have come from female 18-24 year olds, implying that the style is resonating most with Gen Z. 

Victoria Foster, interior stylist at ScS, has shared her thoughts on Modern Regency-core.

Victoria commented: “The Regency-core aesthetic is lavish, extravagant and luxurious - common themes of some of the biggest trends over the past year. 

“The rooms seen in Bridgerton all have a colour palette that juxtaposes rich, deep tones with modern neutrals, all accented by gold features. There’s definitely an appetite for bringing a sense of this luxury, heritage design into the modern day, combining the styles of different eras to create a space that is both opulent and cutting-edge. 

“This take on regency style combines modern glamour with timeless elegance, and it's accessible for anyone to introduce to their home. The main colours to focus on are rich reds, blues and greens combined with warming creams and golds. Then contrast these colours with different fabrics and textures. 

“Lastly, create cosy intimate nooks in your home, such as a reading corner and introduce light fixtures with elaborate detailing and a warm glow.” 

Velvet Furnishings

“Velvet furniture has long been a feature of regal interiors - from plush sofas to dramatic dining chairs, velvet is featured in the Burkett’s sitting room in Fool Me Once due to its timeless, elegant nature and ability to compliment natural wood panelling and neutral tones. 

To modernise your velvet furnishings, accessorise them with contrasting cushions and opt for a muted tone such as beige or brown.”

Gold Accents

regency rug
Subtle gold accents can help incorporate the Regency era into your interiors. (ScS)

“Regency-core is definitely partly defined by the overuse of ornate gold and brass detailing, whether it be large gold wood framed mirrors and paintings or gold accents on table and chair legs. Brass and gold are having a real moment in interiors right now but are actually  timeless and make a great choice for accent pieces. 

“Items like floor or table lamps, light fittings and switches in these tones can really help to elevate your interior style and pairing golds and brasses with rich colours will allow you to inject this trend into your own home.

“We’re also seeing people get quite playful with Regency-core, making it a more personal and modern-take on the historic style.”

Mood lighting 

“No period property of the Regency Era would be complete without some sort of moody study, library or snug room. This could not be achieved without a clever use of mood lighting. Position lamps at different levels around your home, with deep rich lampshades that help to diffuse the brightness, ideally oversized lamps to really nail that Regency aesthetic.”

Cream Furnishings

regency sofa
Using cream and/or velvet furnishings can offer a timeless effect. (ScS)

“Cream sofas offer a moment of calm and neutrality to bring together opulent patterns and rich colours. The Bridgerton household pairs duck egg blue and cream together across the drawing room’s entire colour palette, present on the wallpaper, curtains, rugs, seating and even table cloths for a timeless regal effect.”

Intricate patterns

“One of the first things people may think of when it comes to stately home interiors is dramatic prints and patterns. This might feature in curtains, bedding or even ceiling carvings. An easy way to incorporate delicate patterns in a modern way is through luxury rugs. They pose less of a commitment than bespoke curtains for example, yet can completely tie the room together and instantly give that heritage feel.”