This letter is in reply to Peter Williams, Monmouthshire - a real word (look it up).

The sign for Trelleck (correct pronunciation) is an eyesore, it looks like a cheap, nasty sign you would find on any interstate highway in the USA. 

When driving you need to keep your eyes on the road, not have to figure out what the sign information you are trying to read actually says.

I assume Mr Williams is a Welsh speaker? One of a tiny minority in Wales. Road signs and information boards are for drivers’ help and directions. Trying to decipher mixed language signs is dangerous while driving as 89 per cent of the population of Wales speak only English as their first language. Signs should be in English only (majority rules) .

Out of the 11 per cent who speakEnglish and Welsh but prefer Welsh you have to take out those who are at school and are forced to learn Welsh against their will and who the vast majority (again) will never speak Welsh again.

So let’s have a vote about Welsh bilingual signage etc, yes or no for or against? And save millions of pounds that could be spent on better things

RW Bradley

Monmouth (look it up)