Letter to the Editor: Councillor Evans’ is the only voice of reason in the Beachley development when or if the MOD vacate the site. 

The flip flopping idea of a by-pass into Wales when the Welsh Government will not even assist in paying for the bridge that will be needed into the Bulwark area to take the increased traffic onto the M48. 

This has be looked into by the Welsh who want any solution not to involve their contribution or impact on their environment. 

The predicted estate at Beachley would be a cull de sac that requires better internal infrastructure than currently available the Sedbury village rather than just a road out. 

The reluctance of Chepstow town council to address the existing traffic issues on Hardwick Hill are laughable and the dogma of 20 mph on this makes it even worse. 

The rarefied atmosphere at Coleford must have begun to be affecting the new administration who seem to be following the Drakeford template of ignoring the people who put them there and the facts of life of the situation on the ground.

Graham Drew, Sedbury